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This promotion is available only to software authors whose programs are listed on

Software developers ask us all the time for ways to maximize exposure for their programs on We ran a promotion in the past allowing authors to set programs in better positions on our site and now that promotion is back.

When set featured, a program appears (all 3 below):

  1. on the first page in its category (rotating - 3 spots) - click here to see an example
  2. on the first page in its subcategory (non rotating) - click here to see an example
  3. in the right side boxes in other programs' pages, related to your program (rotating - 7 spots) - click here to see an example
For this promotion you need to place a link to your program's page on Download3k on a software related page (site, blog, forum) with minimum Google PageRank 4 or the homepage if you don't have Google PR4 pages yet. Please don't use redirects or "nofollow" links.

After you place this link, fill in the form below and submit it. We will get back to you shortly, in less than 24 hours usually.
We'll keep your program featured as long as you keep the text link back to us. We verify this weekly.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline programs we don't find suitable to set featured. We recommend you read the suggestions below the form as well.

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Alternatively, you can send an email to .

A few suggestions:

  1. Subcategories with fewer featured programs should be a better target for this promotion so if there are more than 3 programs already featured in your program's subcategory, we won't usually accept it.
  2. Verify if the current category of your program is the best choice for it. If not, we can change it. Just add a note about this in the "other comments" box above.
  3. Check out your program's page on to see if it has received our "pick award". In this case, you can use an award image for the link if you wish.
  4. Place the link in context if possible. Having pages filled with outgoing links only will most likely hurt your site's performance in search engines.
  5. If you have a news section, awards section or blog you can write a paragraph there.
  6. If you need a description for our site, you can use " is a software archive with more than 80,000 software programs, shareware and freeware, daily updated and also tested with some of the best antivirus engines available today.".
  7. A text link is enough, but if you need a logo for our site, you can choose from below:

Site statistics:

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