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We accept software submitted by Developers or their authorized agents. When building a pad file, you should consider these guidelines as well:

  • the most popular pad URL format is:
  • don't include the version in the pad file URL
  • don't change the pad file URL with every new version release, simply update it
  • include as much information as possible in the PAD file
  • create separate pads for each edition: FREE, PRO, BUSINESS, etc.
  • include the OS in the program name if you have different pads for each OS (Example: SugarSync for Windows, SugarSync for Mac)
  • when using RegNow, enter the same program name there
  • adult related programs, including screensavers, are not accepted
  • download file must be virus/trojan free
  • download links/site must be accessible at all times
  • only files submitted online and from this form will be considered
  • our editors reserve the right to refuse or edit submitted data for correctness and/or content without notice

We accept submissions using only the PAD format designed by the Association of Software Professionals. To learn about the PAD format, follow this link. Although with version 4.0 of the PAD format, ASP created as a global repository for all pad files, we rarely accept pad files hosted there due to excessive spam. We recommend that you host your pad files on your own servers.

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Update program

Simply update your PAD file; don't submit it again, we will download it from your server and check for updates daily.
If by any chance you changed the PAD's location, contact us and specify the new PAD URL.

Remove program

Contact us and specify the URL where your product is listed on or the exact program name as it appears on our website.

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Follow this guide and get your program listed on our French, Russian, Spanish, German or Romanian local sites.

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