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"Universal Database Manager und SQL Client"

Free Universal Database Manager und SQL Client. Eclipse-basierte Anwendung, unterstützt MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase, Derby und jede Datenbank mit JDBC-Treiber.

Was ist neu in dieser Version?: - Database objects search fixed (GoTo object dialog) - Database full-text search was improved (state loading, bug were fixed, search history was fixed) - Default error dialog was redesigned (allow message copy-paste and scrolling) - Drivers download errors was fixed (missing Maven artifacts handling) - ERD looks-and-feel was fixed. Extra configuration was added. - SQL editor: - Query comments processing was fixed - Left toolbar rendering was fixed (background color issue) - SQL formatter for sub-selects was fixed - Results viewer: - Presentation switch error was fixed - Sorting by ambiguous columns was fixed - Visualize read-only columns in grid header (different background color + tooltip) - Value view panel read-only state handling was fixed - Search in value view panels was added - Execution log and output panel toggle shortcuts were changed - PostgreSQL: - Driver version updated to 42.2.3 - Multi-database support was improved (no need to switch active database on access) - Foreign table DDL was fixed - Materialized view DDL was fixed - Domain data types resolution was fixed (problems with date/time types) - Debug perspective switch was fixed - MySQL: - New driver for MySQL 8.x was added - Timestamp time zone issue was resolved - Oracle: - Tablespace storage information was fixed - Yellowbrick driver configuration was added - Timescale driver connection page was fixed - SAP HANA: activate database switch was added - Data export in SQL: null table name issue was fixed - Data transfer by segments + table truncate was fixed - Database output log contents filtering was added (zero characters) - Database navigator: icons position was fixed - New table columns rename was fixed - MacOS installer was fixed (CE and EE version on the same machine issue) - Debug logging was fixed (do not log secure information) - Many minor UI fixes

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