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"Universal Database Manager und SQL Client"

Free Universal Database Manager und SQL Client. Eclipse-basierte Anwendung, unterstützt MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase, Derby und jede Datenbank mit JDBC-Treiber.

Was ist neu in dieser Version?: - SSH Agent support was added (pageant and ssh-agent) - Disconnect project/folder/all actions were reworked - Problem with connection properties save was fixed - Connection properties dialogs UI was improved (test connection, password save, pref page search) - Task management UI was improved (task create/save actions in data transfer wizard) - ER diagrams: dummy errors are now suppressed (now they present in log file only) - Legacy Eclipse plugins installation support was added (with hold update site format) - Dark theme support was significantly improved - Auto-commit mode behavior change: - Toolbar toggle now affects current connection only - Mode change affects active DBeaver session only - Data export: - Export from SQL script now supports commands (@set and others) - Saved settings loading was fixed - XLSX exporter now respects export configuration - Data editor: - Fetch size can be changed before query execute - Spatial viewer now supports different pluggable tiles (mapbox, osm, etc) - Wrong date/time format now treated as error - SQL Editor: editor layout now saved between DBeaver sessions - Object editor (tables, views, etc) now checks for object name duplicates - Oracle: now we use full type name presentation by default - PostgreSQL: support of extra type aliases and array data types was added - CockroachDB: native CDB data types were added - Impala: active schema change support was added - A lot of minor UI/DB-specific bug fixes

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